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Sophisticated Optronics instrumentation by Duma Optronics,

focusing on your laser measurement application


Duma Optronics offers four main product lines, covering your laser measurement needs:

Position Sensing provides measurements of optical beam location on a detector surface, and also provides absolute power measurements. 

Alignment Sensing provides simultaneous position and angle measurements  for various applications and has several sub-categories.

  • AlignMeter - simultaneous beam measurement of position and angle, wherein AngleMeter measures only incoming angles.

  • Electronic Autocollimators measures minute optical reflections, a special version measures incoming laser beams direction and divergence as well. 

Beam Profilers for measuring sizes ranging from less than 0.5µm and up to 15mm, and having power levels from picoWatts up to several Watts. Special versions for solar energy are available.

High Power Beam Analysis product line measures up to 8 kWatts, providing profiles, beam size, beam position and real time power measurement. Wavelength range 190 - 1310 nm and beyond for beam profilers.



Straightness Measurement
High Power Laser Beam Analyzing
Alignment of Articulated Arms
BeamOn U3
Electronic Autocollimator
CCD Camera Laser Beam Profiling
Orbital Gonimeter Device
New-Tech 2022
Total Station at a Glance

Coming Soon - Fast MTF Lens Testing

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