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The Alignment Accessories are conveniently based on a modified high-end Tribrach allowing adjustment of pitch, yaw & roll with microradian precision. The system is equipped with a 5/8"-11 UNC thread allowing attachment to standard tripods or mechanical bases. Several configurations for alignment are offered:

  • Solid Corner Mirrors -  for orthogonality measurements and Autocollimator adjustment.

  • Laser Alignment System - for laser straightness.

  • Laser Beacon Alignment System - for long straightness and stability measurements.



Tribrach Specifications

Pan: 360 degrees, sub-second resolution and positive locking device.

Tilt: better than 5 degrees, sub-second resolution.

Roll: better than 5 degrees, sub-second resolution.

Line of sight height: 125 +/- 5  mm.

Solid Corner Mirrors Specifications

Orthogonality: better than 3 seconds.

Surface Quality: λ/4

Laser Alignment System Specifications

Beam stability: Better than 0.5 seconds

Large Beacon Alignment System Specifications

Large aperture laser for extended range illumination.

SCM (Solid Corner Mirrors):   including 3 orthogonal mirror quality surfaces.

LAS (Laser Alignment System):    including alignment quality laser.

LBAS (Laser Beacon Alignment System):  including large aperture laser beacon.

Ordering Information

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