Beam Profiling Solutions


A complete line of laser Beam Profiling over a wide range of sizes and wavelengths from UV to 2.7 microns. Two technologies available; tomographic knife-edge and imaging systems.

Beam Profiler Finder
BeamOn U3
2.4 MP measuring from 190 up to 1600 nm
Zooming ubeam analyzing beams down to 0.5 micron
M2 Beam
Measuring M2 parameters of laser beams
Beam Analyzer
USB knife-edge technology
Laser Analyzing Autocollimator
Simultaneous measurements of laser beams & angular reflections
Laser Analyzing Tel.
Laser attitude & divergence
BeamOn X
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Special Order

Beam Analyzer Touch
Knife-edge technology from 3 u to 9 mm
BeamOn Longbow
Analyzing large beams from remote, including solar
BeamOn LA
Large Aperture - Direct measurement of large beams up to 45 mm
BeamOn 2 MegaPixels
High Resolution, extremely cost effective
BeamOn HR
BeamOn WSR
Wide Spectral Range ½" detector with motorized filter-wheel, up to 1550 nm
Cost Effective 350-1300 nm
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Duma's laser beam profiling line offers two technologies: 

1) CCD & C-MOS.

2) Tomographic Knife-edge.

Our unique technology enables measurement over a wide spectral range (WSR) from 190 to 1600 nm. Furthermore, measurements down to 0.5 microns with nano-metric resolution are also within our capabilities. 

The knife-edge profilers intersect the beam in several different angles and our unique tomographic reconstruction is capable of displaying the beam's intensity distribution map, similar to imaging technologies. The systems will measure from 3 microns up to 9 mm over a spectral range up to 2.7 microns.

SDK package for integration in user application program is standard.

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