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The BeamOn LA system is a beam diagnostics measurement system for real-time measurement of CW or Pulsed laser beams. It provides laser beam parameters, such as: beam width, shape, position, power, and intensity profiles. Software also provides report function for beam analysis settings and results (see an example on Downloads).


Ordering Information

duma optronics beam profiler profiling beamon la large aperture laser ビーム プロファイル計測 プロファイリング プロファイラー BeamOn la 大口径 レーザー

The application program is compatible with Windows 7/8/10 OS (32 & 64 bit). For custom integration, an SDK package software is offered as standard.

The system comes with sensor head, a built-in filter slider with a set of 5xND filters (ND8, ND64, ND200, ND400 and ND1000), USB2.0 attachment, software and user manual on CD disk / DiskOnKey, carrying case.


BeamOn LA VIS-NIR: for spectral range 350-1310nm
BeamOn LA UV-NIR: optional, consult factory

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