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Electronic Autocollimators


The concept of autocollimation as an optical instrument was conceived about a century ago for accurate, non-contact measurements of angles. Recent novel photonics upgrades have created a new breed of Autocollimators, offering intricate measurement capabilities for optics, laser profiling, AR/VR/XR goggles alignment, cameras for auto-driving, VCSEL characterization and many more applications with a single instrument packed with multi-tech technologies.  

Manual Focusing Autocollimators


Electronic Autocollimator XR


Electronic Autocollimator

laser analyzing eauc

Laser Analyzing Elect. Autoc.


Autofocusing Elect. Autocollimator

Total Station Autocollimator

Total Station Autocollimator

w rhomboid

With Rhomboid

eauc HR

Electronic Autocollimator HR

eauc LA100

Electronic Autocollimator LA100

eauc wide fov

Wide FoV Elect. Autocollimator


IR1060 Electronic Autocollimator


SWIR 1300 Elect. Autocollimator


Under Development - 1550 nm

Automatic Focusing Autocollimators

Infinity Focus Autocollimators

IR Autocollimators

p1sq - autocollimators
p2sq - laser alignment
p3sq - analysis lat
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