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duma optronics high power beam analysis analyzer ハイパワー 高出力 ビーム分析 アナライザー


New instrument especially designed for LAM - Laser Additive Manufacturing. Measuring critical parameters such as beam size, accurate beam position and power.

When positioned on a tabletop, a beam  focused on this surface will be measured for power, position accuracy and beam size. This tool could be very useful for QA and built-in real time measurement.

The LAM Beam Analyzer offers these capabilities in a compact and versatile unit, which is air-cooled by external pressurized air - without water.  Built-in beam dump.

High precision beam full characterization diagnostics for CW lasers up to 4 kWatts. 

Wide dynamic range, beam size measurements down to several microns and up to 9 mm.

This is a complete system specially suitable for installation as a part of LAM machine or for offline applications, and is intended for measurements over a relatively short period of time (a few seconds depending on the maximum power applied).





Ordering Information

The application program is compatible with Windows 7/8/10 OS (32 & 64 bit). For custom integration, an SDK package software is offered as standard.

Complete system including a measuring head with 2.5m long attached cable, a mounting post, a USB2.0 manifold box, software and user manual on CD, carrying case.

LAM-BA: 7-blades, Si detector with high power attenuator and mounting adapter (see tutorial).

Contact for other versions.

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