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Precise USB3.0 device combining the functionality of autocollimator, alignment telescope with laser beam profiling capability.

The system measures minute angular displacements for various optical setups and can align a laser beam to the optical axis or mechanical axes, as well as laser beam divergence analysis.

The system offers portable, compact and accurate beam alignment solution. Our precision electronic autocollimator has built in adjustment features, such as leveling bubble, adjustment pan tilt knobs enhancing the unprecedented alignment procedures (between the laser, the optical and mechanical axis of the device).



Ordering Information

Products > Alignment Sensing > Laser Analyzing Electronic Autocollimator - E

EAC-1012-L19-E: Complete system including a collimator unit with USB3.0 camera, built-in 5xND filters on a slider, software on Flash Drive, and a retro-reflector for infinity adjustment.

The application program is compatible with Windows 8/10/11 OS (32 & 64 bit). For custom integration, an SDK package software is offered as standard.


EAC-1012-19-RHO: Attachment for initial alignment based on rhomboid optics.

EAC-1012-19-STG: Optional Accessory - Pan/Tilt Stage.

EAC-1012-19-FW5: Optional Accessory providing a 36 [mm] clear aperture filter wheel for ND Filters, Polarization Filters and others.

* Typical Application - Adjustment of projected laser beam to certain distance as dictated by the virtual image setting

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