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  • A unique instrument for measuring laser diodes, fiber optics & high divergence beams.

  • Small & Large beam measurement at waist position, down to 10 microns.

  • Extended wavelengths range up to 2.7 microns (2 versions - silicone & InGaAs)


Products > Beam Profilers > M2 & BPP SystemsM2 FocusGage - BA

This is a software driver device that interfaces to any host PC computer, running under Windows Vista/XP/2000/7 (32 & 64 bit), via USB port.

Ordering Information

The measuring head is interchangeable with M2Beam and can be operated as a full system

(Silicone Version, for InGaAs version contact factory).



​M² FG/BA-VIS (350-1100 nm)


​M² FG/BA-IR (800-1800 nm)

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