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Laser Beam Positioning Overview


Under the trade name of SpotOn we offer a wide variety of computerized position measurement systems.
This is a family of cost-effective and versatile solutions to numerous industrial and laboratory applications.

SDK package for integration in user application program is available.

Among the measurement applications, are:

  • Measure laser power and centration or displacement

  • Align beams and QC of optical systems

  • Measure target rotation and displacement

  • Monitor vibration, deflection and motion


The advantages:

  • A simple, fast and cost effective means to control laser beams in real time.

  • Transforms your personal computer into a powerful measurement instrument.

Optical beam position measurements can be done by a variety of sensor heads, including:

  • CCD's

  • Miniature and Large Area PSD's

These are offered over a broad wavelength range, from the deep UV through the near IR. Each sensor head can be equipped with an appropriate optical filter to improve its performance. The accompanying electronics allows interfacing to a computer via a variety of plug-in cards, like: PCI, USB2.0 bus. For harsh industrial environment we offer a complete stand alone system. 

The standard SpotOn program user interface includes a numerical and graphical presentation of position and Power, long term fluctuation (Strip Chart type), and a communication protocole via RS232. 
Several types of detectors are used for sensing the position of a beam's centorid incident on the detector's surface:

  1. CCD type of detector

  2. 4-Quadrant detector

  3. Dual axis Lateral Effect detector


Duma Optronics offers a variety of sensor head sizes to accommodate numerous application needs.

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