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Applications & Products

Following frequent requests from our customers to define major applications wherein Duma's products are applicable, we've made a short list of applications as follows:

Alignment of articulated arms - AlignMeter

AR/VR alignment equipment - Hybrid Electronic Autocollimator

Large laser beam profiling - BeamOn LA U3

Micronic laser beam profiling - uBeam

VCSEL beam profiler - BeamOn HR 1", BeamOn U3

Interalignment and boresighting - Total Station Autocollimator, LOD

M2 and characterization of focused beam profiler - FocusGage -BA

M2 - M2beam

Communication fiber collimation and alignment - Electronic Autocollimator IR

Laser positioning & aligment - SpotOn

Laser QC & long term stability - SpotOn

Large aperture 100 mm autocollimator - Electronic Autocollimator LA100

High resolution beam profiling - BeamOn HR 1"

High power beam profiling - High Power Beam Analysis Product-line

Multiple beam laser alignment - Total Station Autocollimator

CKET (Computerized knife-edge tomography) technology - Beam Analyzer

BPP laser definition - FocusGage - BA

MTF measurement - Flex-MTF

Large aperture positioning - SpotOn LA

Remote optical measurement for mechanics - Total Station Autocollimator

Adjustment of Articulated Arms - Wireless AlignMeter


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