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Expanding Your Aperture Horizons

Introducing a new accessory for our Electronic Autocollimators (including the XR) designed to enhance the functionality and usability of the machines for our valued customers. With this new attachment, the autocollimator can have an expanded input aperture, making it an indispensable tool whenever inter-alignment between laser beams and optical elements is required.

Our cutting-edge attachment includes a rhomboidal element that enables beams coming outside of the autocollimator's aperture to be redirected into its objective lens, preserving the beam's angular direction. This device is particularly handy whenever the original aperture is not large enough to encompass various elements that need angular alignment. The original function of transferring the aiming laser to the center of the autocollimator aperture is preserved and it’s easily achieved by flipping and mounting the attachment on top of the aperture housing.

By easily mounting our new rhomboid on the mechanical ring of the aperture you significantly expand the working area of this aperture. Moreover, by rotating the rhomboid you can actually direct it to the area which you want the autocollimator to momentarily analyze.

This attachment increases the usability of our autocollimator line without increased expense, which is not the case when you need an autocollimator with a large aperture that may cost many times more.

With this new attachment, our Electronic Autocollimators are now more versatile than ever before, giving you the power to handle complex alignment tasks with ease. So why settle for less when you can upgrade your equipment with this game-changing accessory? Get your hands on it today and experience the next level of precision and efficiency in your work.

Order the Rhomboidal Laser Projection Tool (Serial #: EAC-1012-19-RHO23)


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