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SpotOn CCD


A high-resolution optical beam positioning device with sub-micron resolution.

The system is capable of measuring up to 3 beams simultaneously, both CW and pulsed beams. Offering a wide range of spectral response, from deep UV, VIS and up to 1550nm. High accuracy measurement – less than 5um deviation edge-to-edge. It is a USB2.0 based device, with data exporting capabilities to another computer via RS232, data logging and detailed statistics, ActiveX control for integration in user application programs.

Operation under Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 32 & 64 bits.



SPOTCCD-VIS: Complete system with USB adapter, a VIS camera range 350-1100nm

SPOTCCD-IR-1310: Complete system with USB adapter,  an IR camera range 350-1310nm

SPOTCCD-UV: Complete system with USB adapter, a UV camera range 190-1100nm

SPOTCCD-IR-1550: Complete system with USB adapter, an IR camera range 350-1310nm, and 1550nm (+/- 50nm)



Ordering Information

The system comes with a camera, a set of 2X NG10 filters in housing, a mounting post, USB attachment, software on CD disk, carrying case.

SPOTCCD-VIS-USB: System with USB interface, camera for VIS range 350-1100nm
SPOTCCD-UV-USB: System with USB interface, camera for UV range 190-1100nm
SPOTCCD-IR1310-USB: System with USB interface, camera for 350-1310nm
SPOTCCD-IR1550-USB: System with USB interface, camera for 1550nm ±50nm


SAM3-A Beam sampler polarization preserving (ratio 0.0016 Avg)
NG10 Filter: NG10 filter in housing (3/4” – 32 thread), filter width 1.6mm ±0.1mm

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