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High accuracy compact beam positioning system. No need for manifold box. 

Built-in electronics within sensor head.

Measure both position and power, available with dual axis Lateral effect detector (down to 0.1um resolution @ 50Hz digital filter, +/-6um absolute accuracy), or with 4-Quadrant detector (accuracy down to +/-0.025% of beam diameter).


This product is designed to measure optical beam position of


SPOTCOM - Complete system including sensor head, USB2.0 mini 1.8m cable, software and user manual on CD, Carrying case. Select anyone of the heads, calibration files are saved on the PSD heads and load automatically to the software:


L - Lateral effect PnP 9mmX9mm, no glass cover


- Four quadrant PnP 10mmX10mm with 30um gap, no glass cover


L04 - Lateral effect PnP 4mmX4mm, no glass cover

Ordering Information

Products > Position Sensing > SpotOn Compact
duma optronics positiong sensing positioning spoton compact Duma Optronics ビーム位置 センシング 測定 ビームポジショニング spoton compact コンパクト 小型

The unit comes with USB2.0 interface, detector and software work with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.

(*) - To maintain full calibration accuracy, attenuating optical filters may be necessary for operation with beams greater than 1 mW. Saturating "non-linear" effects depend on the beam size, type and wavelength, but caution should be exercised when using the 4Quad PSD above 3-6 mW or the Lateral Effect PSD above 1-3 mW.

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