µBeam High Power


µBeam High Power: The Analyzer for Microscopic beams

The µBeam HP is a beam diagnostics measurement system for real-time measurement and display of small CW or pulsed lasers in the sub-micron range, fiber optic and laser diode beam profiles. Main features include: measure beam of less than 0.5µm (FWHM), handles CW or pulses, having a long working distance, using a high resolution CCD response range, optical zooming for fast beam finding.

In today's technology, more and more industrial high power lasers are designed to have a microscopic range of a few microns. Measuring these laser beams at the focal point where it matters the most is a daunting task, where the density level exceeds 10 megawatts per mm². The new µBeam HP comes with an air-cooled beam sampler. This enables measurement of minute beams with 1 nm resolution. 

This is a software driven device that interfaces to any host PC computer, running under Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32 & 64 bit), via the USB2.0 port.

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