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Duma Optronics Team

Company Profile



Duma Optronics is a well established and rapidly growing company specializes in Electro-Optical and laser instrumentation technology.
Duma Optronics currently employs
 specialists in optical design, E-O systems, electronic signal processing and computerized imaging. 


Duma Optronics offers products covering a wide range of industrial, defense, security and research applications. The family of products that were developed in Duma Optronics meet the market needs for sophisticated instrumentation and include:

- Beam analysis systems (Beam Profilers, M2 meter, Divergence meter)

- Optical beam positioning

- Alignment measurement systems

- Electronic Autocollimators

- High Power laser beam profiling


We combine a vision of innovation, a wide spectrum of technical

disciplines, and custom made capabilities. Everything can be done!

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