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Beam Profiling 


A complete line of optical and mechanical alignment, including solutions based on autocollimation and laser alignment.

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The beam propagation factor M2 is a common single parameter that charac-terizes the whole beam as it propagates through space. According to ISO standard 11146, this parameter could be defined by several measurement techniques based on beam profiling along several points of the propagating beam. The standard defines several measurement techniques, all of which are based on beam profiling measurements using devices such as cam-eras, knife edge and slits. There are two main measurement requierments - 1) Measurements of focused beams. 2) Measurements of collimated beams. Our M2 devices are capable of measurements of both laser types and due to their modular design interchangeable heads can be mounted in same M2 gear.



Alignment Sensing

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Beam Profiling

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