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     Alignment Solutions


A complete line of optical and mechanical alignment, including solutions based on autocollimation and laser alignment.


Welcome to our extensive alignment sensing and autocollimators product line. Duma Optronics offers a complete line of cutting edge technologies for Lasers, optics, mechanical alignment, using proprietary technologies, facilitating accurate and unique measurements. The laser alignment products offer alignment technologies based on reading angular and position of a laser beam as a reference to perform intricate measurements. Since photonics based systems are intricate, a multi-tech line of Autocollimators is offered in either manual or motorized focusing, including version where focusing is not a necessity. For laser attitude and divergence measurements, we offer unique instrumentation, creating a user-friendly solution for direct beam direction analysis.  For bore-sighting applications or when necessity for accessories rises, we support it with the accessory line-up. This line offers multiple solutions for alignment, Interalignment, between lasers, cameras, LCD, optics and mechanics to serve the industry of fiber optics laser alignment, AR/VR goggles, autonomous driving, security and many more. For OEM applications we support software controlled drivers, OEM with extensive line of written manuals and provide full support.



Alignment Sensing

p1sq - autocollimators
p2sq - laser alignment
p3sq - analysis lat
p4sq - acce

Alignment Sensing

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