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Multiple Scanning Knife-Edge beam profiler


New small footprint and powerful stand alone unit with built-in touch screen and measuring head.

Patented technology (unique tomographic image reconstruction of 2D/3D images), measures beam profile, beam size, beam shape, position and power. Wide spectral range from 190 nm through 2700 nm, beam sizes from 2 um to 10 mm with 0.1 um resolution. Software interface and standalone feature is specially adapted for production applications.

Including: industrial unit with LCD 7 inch wide touch screen, resolution 800X400 contrast ratio 350:1, Windows 7 pro, 4xRS-232, 2xLAN PORT.


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Duma Optronics Beam Analyer Touch Beam Profiling Profiler Knife Edge Power Meter Laser ビーム プロファイル計測 プロファイリング プロファイラー ナイフエッジ パワーメータ― レーザー

Ordering Information

The application program is compatible with Windows 7/8/10 OS (32 & 64 bit). For custom integration, an SDK package software is offered as standard.

The system consists of a stand alone unit, a measuring head with 2.5 m long attached cable, a post, NG4 and NG9 filters in housing (for Si and UV-Si heads), user manual.

NG4 and NG9 filters in housing are provided for the Si and UV-Si heads only.

BA3-Si-SAT: 3-blades, Si detector 5mm circular
BA7-Si-SAT: 7-blades, Si detector 9mm square
BA3-UV-SAT: 3-blades, UV-Si detector 5mm circular
BA7-UV-SAT: 7-blades, UV-Si detector 9mm circular
BA3-IR3-SAT: 3-blades, InGaAs detector 3mm circular
BA3-IR3E-SAT: 3-blades,InGaAs Enhanced 3mm circular
BA7-IR3-SAT: 7-blades, InGaAs detector 3mm circular
BA7-IR3E-SAT: 7-blades, InGaAs Enhanced 3mm circular
BA3-IR5-SAT: 3-blades, InGaAs detector 5mm circular
BA7-IR5-SAT: 7-blades, InGaAs detector 5mm circular


Optional accessories

SAM3-B Beam Sampler: with mounting adapter
Sampling reduction factor 0.0016 average
BA-Fiber: A fiber adapter with an FC connector
BA-Mount: A mount enabling head rotation about the optical axis

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