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Beam Profiling from remote.

BeamOn Long-Bow is a measurement station composed of a CCD type beam profiler, supplemented with high magnification optics and computing technology. This is a powerful beam diagnostics measurement system for real-time measurement and display of CW or pulsed lasers.

The system is an imaging beam profiler for examining reflected beams.

BeamOn Long-Bow has applications in lambertian beam reflected from remote targets, evaluation and testing of various light beam parameters. The main parameters measured are: Intensity profiles, beam width, beam position and beam shape. The system is equipped with powerful zoom optics and calibrating features.


Ordering Information

Duma optronics beamon longbow long bow ccd beam profiling profiler laser 遠距離 長距離 ccd ビーム プロファイル計測 プロファイリング プロファイラー レーザー

This is a software driver device that interfaces to any host PC computer, running under Windows Vista/XP/2000/7/8/10 (32 & 64 bit), via USB port.

BeamOnLB: The system comes with a camera, a set of 3 optical 1/8 M37X0.75 filters, a USB2.0 cable, Power supply 12VDC, software on CD disk


Optional accessories
Custom filters, consult factory.

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