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duma optronics high power beam analysis m2 m squared laser measurement device bpp beam propagation parameter laser


Duma's High Power Laser Measuring Device is a robust all-in-one instrument with built-in state-of-the-art air-cooled beam dump, operating from 350 - 1600 nm lasers. It will measure M², BPP (Beam Propagation Parameters), Beam size at its focal position down to less than 100 microns. A unique feature allows measurement of power variation at a rate of 5 times per second.

A special user-friendly software will display results on an industrial computer or using a USB interface for customer's computer.


Input beam

Scanning Assembly Attachment


M² value: ±10%

Position Accuracy along propagation axis ± 10 micron

Position at the plane perpendicular to propagation ± 15 micron

Resolution: 1 microns

Ordering Information

Products > High Power Beam Analysis > M² High Power - 4 kW

M² HP/4 kW BD:        The system consists of BA7-Si-USB sensor head with 2.5 m long attached cable, USB 2.0 manifold box, NG4 & NG9 filters in housing, an integral beam sampler, a moving stage 50 mm range, mounting plate,  software on CD/DiskOnKey, Air Cooled Beam Dump

The application program is compatible with Windows 7/8/10 OS (32 & 64 bit). For custom integration, an SDK package software is offered as standard.

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