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duma optronics autofocusing autocollimator focusing hybrid instrument beam profiling angular alignment motorized   Duma Optronics オートフォーカス オートコリレーター フォーカシング ハイブリッド 装置 ビーム プロファイル計測 プロファイリング 測定 角度 アライメント 電動 モーター駆動


This new instrument is a precise USB3.0 device combining the functionality of an autocollimator with motorized feature for accurately focusing at finite distances. It is extremely accurate with a resolution down to 0.01 seconds, with a clear aperture of 36 mm. Special version allows measurements of laser propagation as well as alignment telescope and centering device.


1. Illumination – built-in illumination can be switched between R, G & B, wherein the R will yield higher level of illumination (several times higher), and a combination of the three could also be selected.

2. The system will be offered in two operating modes:

  • Beam Analysis – alignment of laser beams to Autocollimator optical axis and analysis of laser incoming directions and divergence angles.   

  • Autofocusing Autocollimator – new features such as Virtual Image denoted from -2.5 meters to -, coupled to focusing on Real Images from 17.5 cm to infinity. Added lateral displacement measurements on images you're focused on.


3. Fast Mode Image Processing and Recording – Up to 1,000 times per second.    


Ordering Information

Products > Alignment Sensing > Autofocusing Electronic Autocollimator - E

EAC-1012-19-FO-E: Complete system including a collimator unit with USB3.0 camera, focusing mechanism, software on Flash Drive and a retro-reflector for infinity adjustment.

The application program is compatible with Windows 8/10/11 OS (32 & 64 bit). For custom integration, an SDK package software is offered as standard.


EAC-1012-19-RHO: Attachment for initial alignment based on rhomboid optics.

EAC-1012-19-STG: Optional Accessory - Pan/Tilt Stage.

EAC-1012-19-FW5: Optional Accessory providing a 36 [mm] clear aperture filter wheel for ND Filters, Polarization Filters and others.

* Typical Application - Adjustment of projected laser beam to certain distance as dictated by the virtual image setting

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