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duma optronics wfov wide field of view alignment instrument electronic autocollimator laser angular displacement alignment sensing Duma Optronics Duma Optronics EAC-FOV 広視野 アライメント 装置 電子オートコリレーター レーザー 角度 変位 アライメント センシング 測定


The unrivaled USB3.0 Wide FOV Electronic Autocollimator combines a Wide Field of View with a large aperture and extreme resolution of 0.01 seconds. 



Products > Alignment Sensing > Wide FOV Electronic Autocollimator - E

Ordering Information

EAC-FOV-E: Complete system including a collimator unit with USB 3.0 camera, cable, retroreflector for infinity adjustment, application software on Flash Drive, carrying case.

The application program is compatible with Windows 8/10/11 OS (32 & 64 bit). For custom integration, an SDK package software is offered as standard.

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