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The Adjustable Lateral Offset device (LOD) is used to perfectly cancel offset between two optical line of sights:

  • The paralax cancelling is perfectly preserving parallelism between original lines of sight

  • Standard +/- 3 arc sec

  • Monolithic design

The LOD is mounted on a concentric dual axis rotational device, capable of rotating the LOD along yow and roll directions.
It provides a perfect solution for offset canceling between two parallel lines of sights.


  • Bore-sighting between sights and laser devices

  • Checking parallelism of linear guides

  • Checking parallelism of rotating rollers

  • Adjustment of folded laser resonator cavity



Maximum distance between bore-sighted elements is 250 mm, larger distances could be offered as a custom-made product.

The system which comprises of an optical high accuracy periscope, mounted on a dual axis rotational mount system, which by rotation of periscope the distance between incoming and out-coming light is changed according to specification.

The standard periscope is 100 mm offset, however special monolithic periscopes can be designed for specific applications.

LOD:  Lateral Offset Device, carrying case.

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