Latest versions of Duma's Laser Beam Propagation Analyzer offers the maximum flexibility and superior capabilities of measurement of pulsed or CW beams, from UV to wavelengths over 1.6 microns.

Two versions are offered:

1) Multi-axis knife edge scanning sensor with folded cavity.

2) Camera based sensor using a similar folded cavity. Specially designed for pulsed lasers or CW beams.

Beam sizes up to 25 mm

Wavelengths up to 2.7 microns

Determination of M², waist location and waist diameter.

Low & high power laser beams measurement. 

Up to 4 kWatts.

In accordance with latest relevant ISO standards.

Beam Propagation (M²)
Beam Waist Location
Beam Waist Diameter
Rayleigh Range
Waist Asymmetry


Ordering Information

This is a software driver device that interfaces to any host PC computer, running under Windows Vista/XP/2000/7 (32 & 64 bit), via USB port.

M2Beam-Si – measurement device for silicon range (350 – 1100nm)

M2Beam-UV – measurement device for silicon range (190 – 1100nm)

M2Beam-IR – measurement device for silicon range (800 – 1800nm)

M2Beam-U3-VIS-NIR - measurement device for 350-1600 nm CMOS based

M2Beam-UV-NIR – Special – consult factory.

SAM3-HP-M – beam sampler for high power beams

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