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M2 & BPP Systems

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The M2 factor wil define the beam propagation characteristics compared to ideal Gaussian beam propagation. According to ISO Standard 11146 rightfully offers the laser beam characterization as "M2 times diffraction limited beam", as such, a perfect beam will have an M2 of 1. 1 will be the best achievable value and no beam could have an M2 less than 1. Our conceptual design is based on sub-assemblies allowing to change the sensing head in the M2 device, offering multiple wavelengths heads up to 2.7 microns from deep UV (knife-edge technology) and camera based technology with built-in automatic filter wheel for adjustment.  For focused beams, the same measuring head could be attached to a device for meauring highly divergent or highly convergent beams - FocusGage-BA, wherein the Laser Analyzing Electronic Autocollimator offers the capability of divergence measurement with Coming Soon M2 definition. M2Beam is the cornerstone of those measuring devices.

M2 & BPP Systems

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