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Deciphering the Secret of Laser and VCSEL Arrays

Engineering developments of laser arrays focus on parameters such as uniformity, spacing between lasers, profiles, angular divergence and interalignment between the lasers. As the market for laser diodes and multiple beam laser systems increases in size and is entangled with new technologies, there is an emerging critical need for accurately measuring interalignment between parallel lasers. Good examples of market applications are the face recognition technology available on the most advanced mobile phones, which is achieved with an array of low powered lasers, and future applications in the area of autonomous driving which uses arrays of TOF laser systems.

Duma Optronics has recently introduced a technology, the BeamOn HR 4/3 Inch beam profiler, where a high resolution camera (47 MP) is used to create multiple beam profiling on one chip, displaying and analyzing each laser with high accuracy and calculating the necessary parameters to fully analyze the beam profiling system.

Duma Optronics’ new 4/3" 47 MP beam profiler capable of analyzing multiple laser beams in parallel - BeamOn HR 4/3 Inch

This innovative metrology for laser beam profiling is now available. Please contact us to ask how this product can assist with your needs.


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