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     Alignment Solutions


A complete line of optical and mechanical alignment, including solutions based on autocollimation and laser alignment.


Hybrid autocollimator fusing together alignment & beam analysis

Fig 5.bmp


2-D VCSEL Analysis

Special Order

The alignment product line provides full solutions for applications such as: alignment of laser cavities,  straightness measurement, machine alignment, wide-bed printers alignment and others. 

The AlignMeter system simultaneously measures incoming laser beam position (in µm) and angle (in µRad)

The AngleMeter Wide Aperture measures angular laser deviations (in µRad), by monitoring the beam angle in two orthogonal directions, wherein Laser Analyzing Telescope will display beam divergence as well.

The Autocollimator family accurately measures minute reflections in the visible and NIR. A proprietary version will measure and compare reflections to angular directions of incoming beams.

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